Summer at its best...

Generous exterior space that connects outdoor and indoor in one holiday fusion full of relax. Covered terrace lets you enjoy the best of the Croatian summer.

Mediterranean feeling

Inside and outside doesn’t matter anymore as line between them blurs in this astonishingly well designed villa. Connection between living areas and pool deck create one single space that defines the summer feeling. Large covered areas let you enjoy your vacation time in an absolute comfort.

Absolute comfort

Interior of each Villa in Lioqa will be equipped with high quality materials and latest technology. Insulated triple-glazed panoramic windows will deliver the best views but won’t let the heat come inside. WiFi controlled sun shading and video controlled access will be part of the standard equipment.

Villa D1

2 842 476 EUR

  • 1654 m² of land plot
  • 346 m² of interior area
  • 208 m² of terrace
  • 6 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • 6 toilets
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Sea view
  • Underground parking

Space to share...

This contemporary villa will immediately become your second home, if not the first. It is spacious and comfortable with generous covered terraces and state of the art swimming pool. 

Total indoor area
Total outdoor area
Land area